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Acid Water - Low PH

The pH of water can range from acidic to basic on the pH scale of 1 to 14, with the pH of pure water at about 7. A pH less than 7 makes water more acidic, while a pH greater than 7 makes water more alkaline (basic). Acidic water can leach metals from pipes and fixtures, such as copper, lead, and zinc. Two home treatment methods to adjust pH are acid neutralizing filters and chemical feed pump systems injecting a neutralizing solution.

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What is Acid Water?

Water with a low pH balance is considered acid water. Acid water happens from exposure to corroded pipes and leach metals. When exposed to these toxic metals, the hydrogen ions (H+) the pH balance falls to an acidic level of 0 to 6.5. The scale used to measure the pH balance ranges from 0 to 14. Therefore, acid water resides at the lower end of the pH scale, making it more acidic.

  • 0 – 6.5 Acidic
  • 7 – neutral
  • 7.5 – 14 Basic

Water with a higher pH balance is "basic" because they contain a higher amount of alkaline. The average pH balance of the water in water systems is 6 to 8.5. Alkalinity in water is what can make it balance between being too acidic or corrosive. The more elevated on the pH scale, the more your water becomes corrosive. Although it is necessary for water for there to be a balance of both pH and alkalinity. The pH scale is logarithmic makes the extent even more critical to know and understand. Water with a pH of 8.0 is ten times more alkaline than water with a pH of 7.0, and water with a pH of 9 is 100 times more alkaline than a solution with a pH of 7.0.


Symptoms of Acid Water

Ways you can detect if your water at home has a low pH balance is by checking plumbing fixtures for blue-green stains and faucets, drains, bathtubs, and sinks. You will witness laundry discoloration from the high acidity. Acidic water also could cause leaks in copper plumbing. pH with lower than 6.5 can leach metal ions, such as; iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc from aquifers, plumbing fixtures, and piping. Water with low pH will have a taste of metal because of all the dissolved metal.


Water Acidity Causes

Oxygen dissolving in water leads to high acidity. Acidic water is typically low in buffering calcium minerals but is high in dissolved carbon dioxide, causing low pH or acidity. Dissolved oxygen can be a naturally occurring factor of the cause for acidic water. Calcium minerals are generally low in basic water.


Are There Any Health Concerns?

Keeping a minimal amount of copper in our diets is beneficial; copious amounts in the short term can lead to nausea or vomiting. Long term exposure can cause damage to vital organs such as kidney or liver damage.
Action Level- Issues should be taken care of with water of 6.5 or lower pH.