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GreenTreat Salt Free Water Conditioner w/ Carbon, Chemical Filter & UV

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 GreenTreat Salt-Free Water Conditioner

The Best Salt-Free Water Conditioner in America

The GreenTreat system attracts and converts hardness minerals into harmless,
inactive microscopic crystal particles that stay suspended in the water and are passed through the system. 

BENEFITS of the GreenTreat

Salt-Free Water Conditioner


  • Removes the existing scale in plumbing
  • The catalytic process converts Calcium and Magnesium into harmless microcrystals
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Prevents scale INSIDE the plumbing
  • Very easy to install
  • Provide the best quality healthy water without the addition of Sodium or Phosphates


  • Chemicals required for disinfection  
  • Electrical connections required  
  • Drain connections required  
  • Control valves required 
  • Salt required  
  • Backwashing required  
  • Regeneration cycle required  
  • Increase in sodium content in water 


Not long ago, numerous companies with this same technology (and there are COUNTLESS) called these “salt-free water softeners.” The Water Quality Association (WQA) called them out on ethics infractions and made them to change their terminology to salt-free water conditioner.


You still get spots and residue on your showers, faucets, and fixtures. In your dishwasher, glassware and dishes are still subject to staining and etching, although using a product like Lemishine can help. Bear in mind, you are not extracting the calcium and magnesium, so when the water dries, a spot will be there.


By all means, some companies inform you that it does, but that simply is untrue. A water softener will save over 50% on soaps and cleaning products, while a salt free system like our Green Wave will save about 25%. It’s better than tap water, but not as strong as a true water softener. It will remove the existing scale in plumbing.


With the carbon filter, it will support your skin and hair, but they will be nothing like the benefits you get with true soft water. We want you to understand that this is not a product that softens the water and it does not provide the same positive effects as a water softener. However, it is superior to tap water. 

Prefiltration Benefits

Our 20" Big Blue PreFilter accomodates even high flow rates.  The 3/4", 1", or 1.5" NPT inlet and outlet port options are built into the cap. Also built into the cap is a pressure release that relieves pressure before changing filter cartridges.

Our carbon pre-filters help you get clean crystal clear water. Prefilters are also the best way to ensure the life of both your water softener and household appliances.

Prefilration Benefits

Additional information

Flow Rate

10 GPM, 15 GPM, 20 GPM

Made in USA?



Stainless Steel


Commercial Grade, Residential Grade


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