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In Florida, the water is not always guaranteed to be fresh or pure maintenance. There many different water sources depending on your location. Some people get their water from water preserves, private-wells, or public water systems. Bottled water is preferred because tap water can hold a distinct and sometimes unpleasant taste. Reverse osmosis systems can be installed underneath a sink. A reverse osmosis system will keep your water pure and drinkable right from the tap. What this system does is remove all the unwanted sediment and chemicals from the water. 

               The reverse osmosis system under the sink filtration system is less than $200. Generation Water Systems offers numerous under rink Reverse Osmosis systems to provide pure drinking water straight from your tap water. This can save you a hundred if not thousands of dollars per year on bottled water. Bottled water can get expensive.  The water system installed under the sink is a minimal, economical, and effective way to improve water quality. Reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 98% of unwanted matters in water.

               Using the water filtration system under the sink is also a green option for drinking water. Drinking water for bottled water is obtained through freshwater springs. Over the past couple of years, bottled water has become so common that the aquifers and springs that water is being retrieved from is going down an inch a year because the springs are unable to keep up with how much water is being used in water bottles. Not only is this damaging to the springs but also in plastic waste. Reduction in the plastic waste can keep the plastic out of nature and away from wildlife possible harm. A reverse osmosis system is a green and easy option for always-on hand fresh drinking water.

               The water produced in the springs is extracted and put into water bottles, while the springs receive no benefit in the bottling process. Water in the springs has gone down 32% since the production of water bottles. This is dangerous to the environment because it lessens the aquifer’s pressure, and less freshwater is being filtered into the spring.

                The reverse osmosis system is effective and will only cost a small fraction of what you could spend in water bottles. Three 20oz. bottles of water a day would cost you approximately 1,095 per year. The same ounces used from tap water is only .48 cents. Water systems like the under sink reverse osmosis (RO) is an easy to maintain system that requires little yearly maintenance. Maintenance on these systems requires a twice a year filter change, every 2-3 years a semipermeable membrane replacement, and a cleaning once a year.

                The method of reverse osmosis has been around for years, since 1977. It is a promising technique that each year makes advancements with technology to improve the effectiveness. RO systems under sinks are fully working without the use of any electricity. The RO system can turn sea water or brackish water into pure drinking water and has been used for innovations like these to provide humans with the accessibility to drinking water in an affordable way.

How It Purifies The Water?

                The water goes through three filters: sediment filter, carbon filter, and the semi-permeable membrane. The impure and unfiltered water are pushed through a semipermeable membrane that only allows the water molecules to be pushed through the membrane. After the water is pushed through the membrane at high pressure the other side is full of fresh water. Left behind, the waste that is unable to be pushed through the membrane is known as brine. The sediment filter can remove particles such as dirt, dust, and rust. The carbon filter removes inorganic chemicals, for example, chlorine. Water after going through the three different filters, it then is stored in a storage tank where it is kept until use.